Export Promotion Center
Kirov Region

Advising on customs clearance

If You have doubts regarding the procedure order or the documents acquisition, or have any other questions related to customs clearance, You can receive advisory service from the Center.

The customs clearance of the goods is regulated by law and includes the following stages:

  • preparation of documents;
  • filling in and submission of the export declaration;
  • payment of customs fees and duties.

Advisory services on declaring the goods in the customs service of the Russian Federation in course of export procedure cover the following topics:

  • classification of goods according to HS code of EEU;
  • trade barriers with no economic nature;
  • trade barriers with economic nature;
  • existence of export customs duty;
  • documents necessary for declaring the goods;
  • necessity of licensing, certification of the goods, including issuance of ST-1;
  • drawing up and printing of the goods declaration in electronic form;
  • making of electronic form of documents necessary for customs clearance of the goods;
  • filling in of TIR carnet and shipping documents;
  • actions related to acceptance and registration of the goods declaration;
  • carrying out of customs clearance/examination of the goods;
  • the goods loading under customs control;
  • imposing of customs guarantee on the truck;
  • order of submitting additional documents and data upon request from the customs service;
  • written communication with the customs service;
  • calculation of costs related to temporary storage warehouse services and the goods declaring;
  • release of the goods, documents received by the carrier and the foreign trade operator after the goods release;
  • documents necessary for releasing the truck from temporary storage warehouse;
  • examples of application forms to the customs service;
  • order of actions upon claiming the activity/inactivity of customs service officers and other.

To receive advisory service You should forward a filled in application form to the following
e-mail: vcpe@mail.ru

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